• Okniwy

    "30 Days" Prizes!

    May 4, 2010 by Okniwy

    Got some good news, bad news, and good news.

    First, My prize from "30 Days of Unbeatable Winnings" came today!

    But second, It wasn't a Deluxe Battle Gear, like the rules said it would be...

    Instead it was this!

    Two GI core bakugan!

    And since I didn't have them already, it's a net win!

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  • Okniwy

    I'm announcing the formation of the Bakugan Census Team. This team is looking for Bakugan researchers dedicated to keeping track of every variation of G-power, Attribute, and species of Bakugan. Members do not have to be mono Attribute, nor expect to Brawl often, but should be able to Brawl in a pinch. apply in this blog.

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