If you are currently brawling me...FINISH YOUR BATTLES!

I'm winning on several battles & my opponents just stopped playing.

Finish it, and challenge me to a rematch!

If this goes on, I will have a lot of future battles cued up....

Maybe a rule change?

"If any side stop responding for 3 days without prior notice, they automatically forfeit, unless it is an emergency situation but this requires an explanation. The number of gate cards won/lost will be cued up and added to the record."

Good? Bad?

On the other hand, I am currently trying out a new Pyrus setup, based off sheer power. I will notify you guys if I finish this experiment.


Disclaimer: this is not meant to offend anyone. If you are offended by this, please realize that this is just a rant. Maybe you were busy or something, but please tell the other side if you are going to postpone the brawl.

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