1. Lurkers. Lurkers and newbs that spam "Hey can I join your team?" without noticing that I posted 3 times that team registration is over.

2. Double-posters. Double the stupidity. Double the newbness. (I mean those who post twice about the same thing)

3. Those that think they can get a free ride (lurkers) and don't even know what Bakugan they have. And they still want to join the team?!

All this is referring to the other bakugan wiki, not this one.

If any of you find this offensive, I do not mean it. Unless you did anything described above. (and below)

"Heyy Heyy can I plz join ur team? plz plz plz I got 4343G Hakapoid (that's not even out yet), i dont know the other bakugan name but i have a haos bakugan at 740G, and a Super secret bakugan that'll pwn all u n00bs, 10000G so can I plz plz plz plz join your team by the way Im anonymous user number 6 k thx byeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!"

then they post the exact same thing again...a few seconds later.

Maybe it's because they are too young for the internet...but I still dont like it.

Again, I am not pointing fingers and do not mean anyone in particular.


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