Twin Destructor is awesome...but the one I got has only 90G. And it doesn't completely fit with ANY of my supposedly "battle gear compatible" bakugans.

Luminagrowl: "I will show you real power! Go Twin Destructor!"

  • Twin destructor clonks him on the head*

Yeah, so Twin destructor doesn't open up all the way...Luminagrowl's head is apparently too big.

Oh and Target is OUT of least the Aquos kind. The only ones left are the weaker Subterra version.

So if I have to Get an Aquos Fspin...I have to buy a whole game pack and run the risk of not getting a 740G version.

On the bright side, I manage to receive a DNA Code compatible Triad Viper Helios!

But the bad side is I am now better at Haos than Aquos...*sad face*

Rant Over.

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