• ILikeLyke

    Rant Number 3

    April 18, 2010 by ILikeLyke

    If you are currently brawling me...FINISH YOUR BATTLES!

    I'm winning on several battles & my opponents just stopped playing.

    Finish it, and challenge me to a rematch!

    If this goes on, I will have a lot of future battles cued up....

    Maybe a rule change?

    "If any side stop responding for 3 days without prior notice, they automatically forfeit, unless it is an emergency situation but this requires an explanation. The number of gate cards won/lost will be cued up and added to the record."

    Good? Bad?

    On the other hand, I am currently trying out a new Pyrus setup, based off sheer power. I will notify you guys if I finish this experiment.


    Disclaimer: this is not meant to offend anyone. If you are offended by this, please realize that this is just…

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  • ILikeLyke

    Rant Number 2

    March 31, 2010 by ILikeLyke

    1. Lurkers. Lurkers and newbs that spam "Hey can I join your team?" without noticing that I posted 3 times that team registration is over.

    2. Double-posters. Double the stupidity. Double the newbness. (I mean those who post twice about the same thing)

    3. Those that think they can get a free ride (lurkers) and don't even know what Bakugan they have. And they still want to join the team?!

    All this is referring to the other bakugan wiki, not this one.

    If any of you find this offensive, I do not mean it. Unless you did anything described above. (and below)

    "Heyy Heyy can I plz join ur team? plz plz plz I got 4343G Hakapoid (that's not even out yet), i dont know the other bakugan name but i have a haos bakugan at 740G, and a Super secret bakugan tha…

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  • ILikeLyke

    Rant Number 1

    March 21, 2010 by ILikeLyke

    Twin Destructor is awesome...but the one I got has only 90G. And it doesn't completely fit with ANY of my supposedly "battle gear compatible" bakugans.

    Luminagrowl: "I will show you real power! Go Twin Destructor!"

    • Twin destructor clonks him on the head*

    Yeah, so Twin destructor doesn't open up all the way...Luminagrowl's head is apparently too big.

    Oh and Target is OUT of least the Aquos kind. The only ones left are the weaker Subterra version.

    So if I have to Get an Aquos Fspin...I have to buy a whole game pack and run the risk of not getting a 740G version.

    On the bright side, I manage to receive a DNA Code compatible Triad Viper Helios!

    But the bad side is I am now better at Haos than Aquos...*sad face*

    Rant Over.

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  • ILikeLyke

    Bakugan Dimensions has been set back to launch on April 5th.

    Therefore, my friends, we can battle without "simulations" involving role-play.

    But there's a catch: only Bakugan with DNA codes can work there.

    If that is no trouble at all, I hope to see you all there!



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