Join my team this team is not a very serious team so if you do not have any bakugan it is ok you can join the team this team is only here for you to have fun.There will be ranks so say what attribute you are your main bakugan and want rank you want if it is open.Join please benfits will be alot when i have 7 teamates. p-s for battle dimensions here.

1.(Jake) (Pyrus) (Pyrus Quake Dragonoid) (Blocksat)

2.(Dragonoid125) (Pyrus) (Pyrus Phosphos) (Dragonoid125)

3.(Shun Master Of Ventus) (Ventus) (Ventus Dharak) (Drago99) 4.(Roxas1515) (Haos) (Haos Clawsaurus) (Sirenoid4ever)

5.(Anonymous user) (Haos) (Haos Viper Helios) (Anonymous user) 6.(Blazecannon15) (Darkus) (Darkus Dharak) (Blazecannon15)

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