If you are a Staff Member, I will send notices to you today if you are either not doing your job, or are not doing it correctly you will be fired. I will also be sending notices to add more admins and Crats and Maintenence and Proctors. The Bad notices will be:

You have not been doing your job correctly so you are now fired from being (Whatever job you have) because of that. I hope you still go on this Wiki so you can earn your way back up again. But for now you are fired from that Job. Please have no hard feelings and dont say that others should be fired. And dont vandalize just because you are fired or angry. --Benji

The good ones on the other hand will be:

You are great at doing your job and you should keep up the good work. You are continuing being (Whatever job you have). Congrats! --Benji

And the ones that hire you are:

You are a amazing addition to this wiki! You are so lucky that you are now (Job) Congrats! I am very happy for you! Dont screw up! --Benji

Once all of you are together I will give you a test to see if you should all still be staff.

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