Well here is your test to see if you can still be in the loop. Just send your answers to me in a message.

  1. When somebody wants to be a staff member like you, you respond by saying what to them?
  2. When you get tired of doing your job forever you: A: Tell somebody to cover you. B: Quit. or C: That shouldn't happen.
  3. If you want to fight with people shout you be a staff member or not?
  4. What should happen if you break the rules?
  5. Should you be serious all the time?
  6. Can you be serious and funny and calm at the same time?
  7. What will happen if somebody quits? A: Replace them or B: Everybody moves up a space.
  8. You find staff fooling around what do you do?
  9. Somebody is vandalizing and you see it what should you do?
  10. If any other staff member is not doing their job, what do you do?

I will grade your answers Next Friday. So you have a week.

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