Hello, I am Agent A, a member of the Secret Agent's society. Right now I am thirteen and was hired at age 11. I was hired because of a unique ability I have: I am able to read the minds of people I see. I also know Tae Kwon Do, though I am not fully trained yet. I work with several other Agents whose names I am not allowed to reveal just as I haven't revealed mine. The code names of the Agents a commonly associate with are Agent I, Agent L, Agent M, Agent X, Agent 002, and Agent 003. All of us each have our own talents which were the sole reasons we were hired. Each of us possess Bakugan that we use to help us with the missions that we are assigned. We all usually wear sunglasses and dark coats or vest. Our origins are considered, Classified.

-Report by Agent A-

-Status: Classified-

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