Team Ventus is a new team lead by Bakuhorma. All the users specialize in Ventus Bakugan. Their rival team is Team Haos. Team Ventus and Team Haos were the very first teams. Soon after was the Online Brawling Team. Team Ventus is currently the #1 ranked team. The number of members on the team is 10. Anyone who uses Ventus can sign up, but please ask Horma first.

Team Ventus


  1. 1

# of Members


Team Record





Team Haos


  • Bakuhorma (leader) ~ Guardian: Wilda
  • Drago99 (second in command)~ Guardian: Hawktor
  • BlazeCannon15 ~ Guardian: Ingram
  • Shun99 ~ Guardian: Farakspin
  • Gundalian94 ~ Guardian: Strikeflier
  • Yukkino ~ Guardian: Monarus
  • Lars1234 ~ Guardian: Spin Ravenoid
  • Bolyn362 ~ Guardian: Dharak
  • Namxof ~ Guardian: ???
  • Strikeflier ~ Guardian: Strikeflier
  • PokemasterLink ~ Guardian: One for each Attribute (See user page)

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